Eudora Notifier
Eudora Notifier is a little application for Mac Os X and Eudora 6 that alerts you, using Growl notification system, when you have new Eudora messages.
Download Eudora Notifier 0.2 Beta
Eudora Notifier is freeware.
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Eudora Notifier Features
By clicking on Eudora Notifier dock icon you can change the notification mode :

Repeated Notification - Notification disabled - Single Notification - ...
Install Eudora Notifier
0. Eudora Notifier requires Growl. Install Growl.
1. Copy Eudora Notifier from Dmg archive to your application folder.
2. Create a "Notification" mailbox in "Eudora Folder".
3. Create a "Copy To Notification mailbox" filter at the top of the filters list.

Header: "Any Header" contains (with blank field)

Copy To Notification
Configure Growl
Configure "Eudora Message" and "Eudora Notification" with "Music Video" display.
If you simply want the "You have X messages" notification, you can disable the "Eudora Message" notification.
"Active" notification shows you the status of Eudora Notifier : single, repeated or disabled.